Secondary School

  • Secondary

    We’re delighted to have this opportunity to introduce life within our Secondary School, here at CMIS.

    Your child couldn’t have any better preparation for their next step; in work, life and to university in anywhere else in the world. Setting your child up for success, whichever path they choose to take, is our aim.

    Our experienced team, educators across the range of international curricula, are best placed to guide your child through challenging academic programs that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to succeed in our global world.

    We believe that success is achieved in an environment that enables strengths and passions to emerge, and our focus on the development of the whole student; as accomplished musicians, top tier athletes, or exceptional artists, is testament to this.

    All of this is delivered just a stone’s throw from Chittagong’s city centre, in an outstanding campus that allows your child to flourish. 

    We’re very proud of the achievements of all of our students at CMIS and would welcome the chance to introduce your child to these opportunities.