Elementary School

  • Elementary

    Crans-Montana International School aims to make learning relevant and meaningful to students by adopting an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum which focuses on the child as a learner. We recognize that children come to us as distinct individuals with unique experiences, backgrounds, abilities and interests. Our teachers promote cross-cultural understanding, and differentiate instruction to meet students’ varying needs, abilities and learning styles. We provide a balanced education program within a safe, stimulating environment so that each child can learn and grow to their greatest potential.

    Programs of Study

    Our Elementary School curriculum includes instruction in different Language, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education and Library Skills with a focus on integrated technology. Classes follow Units of Inquiry which guide their studies over a 5-6 week period with a central idea that ties all of their subjects together.

    Assessment & Achievement

    Each student’s achievements are continually assessed. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques including testing for knowledge and skills, observations, portfolios of student’s work and analysis of book, project and practical work. Attitude, learning skills, social relationships and effort are considered equally important when looking at the overall development of the child.

    Detailed descriptive reports are given to parents three times a year and parent/teacher meeting are also held to discuss each student’s social and academic progress.