Celebrated UN Day at Our School

October 25, 2019

The UN Day officially came into existence on 24th October 1945. Since then, UN Day is observed internationally all over the world. This year, we also celebrated UN Day at our school premises. On Thursday morning, all the students gathered on the playground with beautiful dresses. Each was busy practicing before the program starts. The program started at 11.30 am. Our parents were also so excited to enjoy our performances. After all the preparation, the program started with a national parade. Play Group represented Japan with a fashion show. Nursery represented Bangladesh and they did a Bangladeshi dance. KG represented The Republic of Indonesia and they performed on Sajoojo song. Grade 1 represented the Philippines and they also danced on a song called Masskara. Grade 3 represented Mexico and danced on traditional Mexican Hat Dance called Jarabe Tapatia. Grade 4 represented India and sang their national anthem and finally, we, grade 6, represented Pakistan and gave a brief presentation on Pakistani culture and tradition. At last, we sang the UN song named ‘We Are the World’ with all the teachers and it was great. We also had a food festival where our parents and teachers brought different kinds of foods representing different countries. It was a great experience with my school life.


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Kindergarten (KG) class had an excursion to DULCE Bakery to see how is the bakers doing in that shop.

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